Sunday, August 28, 2011

Henry's 1st Haircut

At just 8 months old Henry was ready for his first haircut. Kyle thought he was ready at 6 months but it took him an additional 2 months to talk me into it. I love his hair and wasn't ready to see any of it hit the floor but it was time.
We went to Snippets. A place just for kiddos to get new dos. Henry selected (more me and Kyle) an airplane to have his first haircut in. He loved it. He played with the steering wheel and Kyle taught him to make airplane noises while we waited. The kid before Henry, was hating his first haircut - thrusting tantrum and all. I told Kyle that if Henry was doing that that he did not need a haircut that badly and we would bail. Fortunately, Henry was total fine. He was a little apprehensive about the clippers but was easily distracted and did a great job! We got the "Baby's 1st haircut" Package, which included a DVD of the whole thing. And the best part about the whole was FREE! We waited 15mins past our appointment time - which was totally fine because Henry just played, but apparently that equals a free haircut. Kyle was very happy about this!
After the haircut and had been a long Saturday. We all took a family nap. While looking at Henry next to me with his styling new haircut, Kyle on the other side of him and Simba at my feet, I had two thoughts: 1. I am very blessed and 2. We need a bigger bed!

Monday, August 8, 2011

8 Months Old

Henry turned 8 months old in Montana! Montana was full of all kinds of firsts for Henry! His first 4th of July, his first rodeo, his first parade, his first experience with horses and cows and bulls, his first rafting trip down the Madison River! Oh, and lots of food firsts, including a rib, a pickle and watermelon - all of which he loved!
All of the rules, baby food related and otherwise, seem to go out the window while in Montana.

Henry did awesome with all these first and we have way too many pictures of his week there! Here are just a few favorites:)

A Traumatic Morning

It was early in the morning in June when we had quite the traumatic incident in the Hartman household (mostly just traumatic for me).
Kyle had left early for the airport, traveling for work, so early that Henry was still sleeping. When Henry woke up, he was talking to himself in his crib, pretty normal morning. Then, when I went into his room to get him out of his crib there was BLOOD! EVERYWHERE! I immediately started to panic. My smiling Henry with blood smeared across his face saw the panic look on my face and started to look equally concerned. I pulled it together and tried to identify the source of the bleeding. I cleaned him up and discovered the blood was coming from his ear.
It was early, and I was in mommy panic mode, I needed a second set of eyes to assure me that Henry was ok. Deanne, was that perfect person for the job. Not only is she a medical professional but she lives across the street:) She received the 6am panic phone call and before she said it was ok to come over, Henry and I were already half way there! Many thanks, Deanne:)
In the end, it appears that Henry had just scratched the inside of his ear with razor sharp baby finger nails. And because it was a "head wound" it bled a lot and I'm sure Henry rolling around in it only made it look worse than it was.
This was the first time, I'd seen my baby boy bleeding. I wish it was going to be the last but I'm sure there are many more bumps and scratches in his future. If I could, I would bubble wrap him and put him in full padding and helmet to never have to see him hurt or bleeding again. Yes, I know this makes me sound like a crazy lady:)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Avocado Take 2

The time had come to try avocado on Henry again. Our pediatrician thinks avocado is such a good "first" food for babies that he encouraged it. So, we tried again. He took a few bites but clearly was not enjoying it. After five tortuous looking swallows I decided it wasn't worth it and continued on with dinner with other "liked" foods. We went on with our night time routine and about 20 minutes later, just as Henry was lying his sleepy little head on my shoulder, he suddenly popped up and puked all over! ALL over me, all over him, all over the wall...all over everything! I called Kyle in for reinforcements. He says, "It doesn't look so bad." Then he turned on the light and said, "Oh, ya. That's gross. Its everywhere."
We've decided that Henry at minimum must have some kind of food sensitivity to avocado. A texture thing at best or an allergy at worst. Time will tell.
But for now, we'll stick with his favorites. Which include: Peas, Carrots and Pears. And oatmeal! He loves oatmeal.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

7 Months Old

Henry's seven month of life was full of many more firsts including his first graduation ceremony. His cousin Jill graduated from 8th grade and although Henry tried to stay awake to see his cousin walk across the stage he was asleep in the church pew before the first graduate walked!
Henry also attended his first kids birthday party. Ava's 7th! And circus themed! He had so much fun with all the kids, not really participating in the activities (still too little) but watching and laughing. Kyle even tried to put him on the slip in slide - I think it might have been a little too cold for Henry's liking! He slept really well that night!
On June 25, 2011, family and friends gathered together for Henry James' baptism. He did great! He didn't even cry when the priest poured holy water on him - I almost did though:) Dressed in a 65+ old family heirloom for the baptism and changing into his cousin Jacob's tuxedo for the party afterward - Henry was dressed to the nines for his day!
Ending his 7th month of life with one more first. Uncle Mike, Gigi and I took Henry to the Shedd aquarium. Henry LOVED it! Each fish tank and animal exhibit was more exciting than the previous one. He seemed a little unsure of the loud talking sea lion. And the cheers the playing dolphins were getting were a little startling to Henry but everything else was a huge hit!
7 Months old already! REALLY?! When did my baby boy get so big!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Henry's 6 month pictures

Henry had his 6 months pictures done by a high school girlfriend of mine. She did an awesome job! Check out her website!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Henry's 1st Trip to San Diego

Kyle was traveling to San Diego for work. He invited Henry and I to join him. So we went over the weekend of Memorial day and made a long family weekend out it. It was great! Henry and I would do day trips while Kyle was working and we would meet him later for some family time.
San Diego had lots of first for Henry. On our first night we took Henry to Seaport village for his 1st carousel ride. Kyle took him on the ride and I watched and took pictures. Kyle said Henry tensed up when the ride started but relaxed after a few minutes and I even got a few smiles when he saw me.
One of the days, Henry and I did a city tour. It was a trolley that loop the city and stopped periodically. We could get on and off as we pleased or just stay on the trolley. It was perfect for Henry. We would hop off and explore and when it was time for a nap we would hop back on and have the trolley put him to sleep. A great way to see the city. Coronado island and the beach were my favorite. However, this is when I learned that pushing a stroller through the sand is a major workout.

We also got to meet up with some of my extended family that live in the area. Aunt Maureen and Uncle Claude for dinner Friday night. And dinner and games with Aunt Syl, Uncle Paul and Uncle Gene Saturday night. All first time meetings for Henry.
In additions to all these first, Henry took his first big boy bath in San Diego. No more infant tub, now that he's sitting up and stable on his own (and frankly too long for his baby tub!). Kyle wouldn't let me take a picture of this first though...
Henry did pretty well on the flights too...although flying with a 4 1/2 month old, was easier than flying with a 6 month old. I fear Henry travel will only continue to get more challenging as his mobility and independence increase. We're up for the challenge!